Our architects in Muscat

We provide skilled and experienced architects in Muscat. NORPLAN  is a solid and reliable provider of architectural concept designs with more than 40 years of experience and a permanent presence in the Middle East since 1982. In 2011, NORPLAN established a permanent office in Muscat and our architectural department is presently located at our Qurm Plaza branch.

What we can offer

Whether you are planning a single building or a multi-unit development; whether you are looking to sell a property with a prospect or develop the proeject yourself, NORPLANs team of architects can help you convert your ideas or sleeping assets into real money:

  • We prepare high-quality concept designs
  • We make attractive 3D visualization and animation
  • We are experienced in development of hotels and tourism facilities
  • We build efficient commercial and mixed-use buildings that maximizes profit yields
  • We guarantee comfortable homes, villas and farm-houses
  • All this at competitive rates.

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Some samples