GIS and Information Technology

Web Portals and e-Government services

Being able to quickly access corporate information anywhere, anytime through browser based intranet and Internet clients is key to the successful operation of any enterprise in the 21st century – ranging from small start-ups to governments and multinational corporations. NORPLAN A/S has experience with both commercial and open source software and can tailor and implement a solution that will help make your organization more efficient.

Geographic Information Systems

While the bulk of GIS use is focussed on creation of paper maps, NORPLAN can help you step into the world of Enterprise GIS solutions where purpose-built data and applications support the execution of your core business. Our areas of expertise include: analysis and modelling; cartography and integration of spatial applications into workflows and practical usa of GIS within thematic domains such as planning etc.

Spatial Data Creation and Management

At the heart of your GIS sits reliable data which are designed to meet the requirements of the business processes they will support. NORPLAN has solid experience in data capture methods such as aerial photography and photogrammetry as well as laser scanning (LIDAR) and remote sensing.

Standards and interoperability

GIS is not an “island”. Your Enterprise GIS has to take into account all the systems with which it will co-exist. Data access interfaces and services built on open standards allows smooth integration with your document management system, your workflow engine, your web publishing engine and your professional IT systems and databases. Our experts have experience from standardization within the OGC, the W3C, OAI and more.

GIS tools and utilities

GIS is more than just “one” software. NORPLAN as an independent advisor has competence within commercial GIS platforms such as ArcGIS, MapInfo and AutodeskMap – but also leading Open Source software like UMN Mapserver, Quantum GIS, GRASS and FWtools etc. We can help you find the software which suits your needs for availability, capacity, functionality and life-cycle management cost.
Spatial database and web application development

When you are trying to solve a GIS task you will often find that your software is “not quite right” for the job. Our solution providers can aid you in tailoring spatial-enabeled applications towards your specific needs.
We help you build your GIS data model based on your business needs. We are experienced in database technologies such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL and MySQL as well as simple databases like Microsoft Access.

NORPLAN also provides the leading web map portal for public sector geo-information in Norway, Adaptive 2.0, a highly configurable solution for public sector geo-information.