Spatial and Societal Planning

Spatial and societal planning has been the core of NORPLAN’s competence since the start 50 years ago, being in charge of comprehensive and complex planning exercises like regional planning and town planning. Land use and transportation planning go hand in hand in developing good living environments for people in urban as well as rural areas. The planning tasks range from feasibility studies and overall planning through master planning to detailed design and tender documents, comprising area plans as well as public infrastructure developments. Well prepared implementation plans are equally important in order for society to obtain full benefit of the planning and investments.

NORPLAN’s planning is characterised by a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach, taking heed of the wide spectrum of societal needs, i.e. an ecologically, sociallly and economically sustainable society. NORPLAN’s well developed impact assessment methodology is a key to  balance these factors in an optimal manner. Meeting the societal needs, a pre-requisite is sound and solid interaction between planning bodies and the stakeholders as well as the public.