Olav Hauge

March 8th, 2011 | Posted by (Stein) Runar Bergheim in People

Mr. Hauge has over 30 years with wide professional experience, centring around regional and urban planning, including infrastructure planning and construction, both at regional and municipal level. He has special competence within environmental impact assessments, including the petroleum sector.

Mr. Hauge particularly long experience within impact assessments is to a large extent related to petroleum related projects and large highway projects. He was the project manager for developing a new impact assessment manual for the Public Roads Administration in Norway, with particular focus on combining monetary and non-monetary impacst into the impacy assessment. For a period of 15 years, all since the regulations for impact assessments for petroleum development projects were enforced in Norway, he has been working with impact assessments for offshore and onshore developments, including platforms, pipelines and oil/gas terminals. His task in particular has been related to socio-economic impacts, and he has to a large degree been compiling the assessments on the various topics and preparing the complete impact assessment reports.

Presently, Hauge is stationed in Abu Dhabi as a project manager for projects in UAE and Oman. He has also been working with strategic plan for Greater Doha. The projects are primarily related to urban planning and development. But he is also presently involved in an EU financed interregional project about intermodal transport with a focus on sea transport and logistics hubs development in the North Sea region and Barents Sea region. The primary drive for improved sea transportation in the Barents region is the offshore petroleum development in that region.

From 1997 to 1999 Hauge was the the Team Leader for the Norwegian expert team in a large scale capacity building project in Palestine, the Physical Planning and Institution Building Project in the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC). Activities included management and organisational development support together with training of staff, building a Directorate for Physical Planning, preparation of a new Plan and Building Act, preparation of the Regional Plan for West Bank and Gaza with focus on urban development and infrastructure development. He was in charge of the preparation of a policy document on National Policies for Physical Development which focuses on policies for physical development with water resourses as one key issue. Apart from this project he has been the project director for several water infrastructure projects in Palestine and Tanzania.

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